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Katelyn got her driving permit!

Katelyn passed her permit test on the first try on 12/28! We got there a few minutes before her 2:00 appointment, and were told she needed her certificate of completion for her drivers ed class (duh, of course) and identification, like  a birth certificate or passport. OOPS! Luckily the woman at the desk gave us a grace period so we rushed home (something wrong about speeding to get to a drivers permit test) and got those things and got back at 2:20. We only had to wait about 15 minutes before being called to the window, then a bit of time waiting for picture-taking and thumb-printing, then Katelyn went off to take her test. It took about 20 minutes. She missed 4; she could have missed up to 8 and still passed so that was great.

First we stopped for a gas-pumping lesson, then we went over to Skyline college, to the empty parking lots, for her first lesson. She did great, driving around, practicing stopping, accelerating, turning, signaling, and even parking. We left (with me driving), picked up Haley, and went out for celebratory sushi.




December 29, 2012 - Posted by | general, Jason

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