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Almost 50

I can’t believe I’m going to turn 50 tomorrow. How can that be? I don’t feel 50. (Well, sometimes my body does! 🙁 ) I feel about 33, but wiser. Looking forward to a big party tomorrow, surrounded by lots of friends and familiy and love and fun.

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Yom Kippor

Mom came up and joined us for services and hanging out. We all fasted, even Haley, who lasted from the evening before until about 4:00. (She ended up breaking her fast with a couple of pieces of frozen pre-cooked bacon – very irreligious!) We broke our fast a bit early to accomodate Haley’s birthday dinner at Lai Lai.

I always like Yom Kippor because it’s such an introspective holiday, making you look within at yourself and the world you create around you. I really do feel like Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippor give me a fresh start every year.

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Happy Birthday Haley!

Haley turned 12 on Tuesday the 25th!

We started the day off with early morning bagels, where I made Haley put on a birthday hat and stuck a candle in her bagel while we sang Happy Birthday.

They announced her birthday (and two others) on the school radio broadcast, KTLR. She got lots of well-wishes from friends and a few cards in the mail, and a couple of T-shirts from me. We couldn’t go out to dinner that night like we usually would because that evening was the start of Yom Kippor. So the next day, after a long day of worship and fasting, we ended up at Haley’s favorite restaurant, Lai Lai (also known as “Jimmy’s” for the name of the owner). We were a total of 15 people, and had a great time. Haley ended the day getting her last gift from me, a Dr. Who chess set.

Her birthday party for her friends will be on the 6th. We decided to do that because a lot of kids at her school have birthdays around the same time so it’s hard to get kids to her party; we’ve had bad experiences with few attendees in previous years. But we have high hopes for this party.

Check out the pictures!

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Folsom Weekend

As always, a big weekend around the Folsom Street Fair. First the Exiles Meet & Greet on Friday, then a party at a friend’s house tonight, and the Fair tomorrow. Busy, but fun!

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Mom is back

Mom went to New York for Marc’s wedding. I picked her up from the airport on Thursday night, and she was off for home on Friday. A busy woman!

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Busy School Week

First we had the Band Parent Meeting at Taylor on Wednesday. I had to plan and co-ordinate with Mr. MgGaw, and came away with more action items (of course). Then on Thursday we had Haley’s Back-to-School night. September is such a busy month!

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Rosh Hashonah

We all took the day off and celebrated. We were at the synagogue from 10:30-1, then went out to dim sum at Champagne restaurant in San Mateo. Then home to relax, and the kids did some homework. A nice way to start 5773.

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Picture Rails

We hung picture rails in the main area of the house on 9/16. Now it’s time to start hanging artwork!

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The Pinball Machine is Working!

Val’s “Solar Fire” pinball machine has been repaired, so we can have fun playing now. Yay!

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PTA Website

I’m obviously a candidate for Volunteers Anonymous because I volunteered to set up the new PTA web site for Taylor. We had a design meeting on 9/15, after which I put together a draft. Hopefully we’ll get it going soon.

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