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Happy Birthday Haley!

Haley turned 12 on Tuesday the 25th!

We started the day off with early morning bagels, where I made Haley put on a birthday hat and stuck a candle in her bagel while we sang Happy Birthday.

They announced her birthday (and two others) on the school radio broadcast, KTLR. She got lots of well-wishes from friends and a few cards in the mail, and a couple of T-shirts from me. We couldn’t go out to dinner that night like we usually would because that evening was the start of Yom Kippor. So the next day, after a long day of worship and fasting,¬†we ended up at Haley’s favorite restaurant, Lai Lai (also known as “Jimmy’s” for the name of the owner). We were a total of 15 people, and had a great time. Haley ended the day getting her last gift from me, a Dr. Who chess set.

Her birthday party for her friends will be on the 6th. We decided to do that because a lot of kids at her school have birthdays around the same time so it’s hard to get kids to her party; we’ve had bad experiences with few attendees in previous years. But we have high hopes for this party.

Check out the pictures!

September 28, 2012 - Posted by | Haley

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