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Taylor Spring Concert

Haley played the drum set with the 6th grade “Bulldog Band”, and helped out on one song with the Concert Band.

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Val’s home!

After a relatively uneventful flight from Rom to Frankfurt and home, Val arrived home on Sunday evening, predictably exhausted. Great to have her back… and she brought German chocolate!

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Motorcycle Mishap

Whacked my knee again, this time as my motorcycle was falling over in my driveway. Here’s how it happened:  I hadn’t ridden for a while since I broke my thumb, so I had it on the charger and was taking it out to test. It started, but when I inched down to the bottom of the very steep driveway (which you have to do in order to check for traffic coming down the hill), my downhill foot hit a wet patch and slid, and the bike went over, down the hill. I couldn’t pick it up myself, so I went to a neighbor who probably couldn’t help (a thin older woman), but whose daughter was there (I could tell by the car). I was hoping for a third person to help (that bike weighs like 600 lbs!), but the two of us got tough with it and got it up! It wouldn’t start (probably flooded) and then the battery died. Couldn’t get it up the driveway, so I had to park it in the street overnight. The next morning I ran a long extension cord out there with the charger. When it looked like it was charged it started! I took it out for a spin to test it out and get it charged up again. For not being ridden for months it did pretty well, although it needs a tune-up. I need to get it in shape for riding in the Pride Parade in a few weeks!

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Game time

Glynis and Susan hosted a fun game-and-enchilada party on the 27th. Very fun!

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Guitar Hero “fail”

On Saturday the kids decided they wanted to get Guitar Hero for the Wii. Since it was their own money they wanted to spend (including Haley’s gift cards), and because I’m always accused of not being spontaneous I decided to go along with their desire to go to Game Stop and get it. We went to Bayhill, where of course the Game Stop was no longer there, messing with our plans to visit Starbuck’s, Jamba Juice, and Mollie Stone’s at the same time. After verifying that the closest Game Stop was indeed at Tanforan (ugh, a mall on Memorial Day weekend!), we headed out. Luckily the girls knew where it was so we parked close by. But it turns out they don’t carry the instruments, just the games, because it’s “just not popular enough”. So we decided we’d have to get it online. Sigh. We did, however, make it back to Bayhill, where we split up and met up again at Mollie Stone’s and got everything else we wanted to get. Whew!

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Tale of Two Problems

First Katelyn hurt her elbow in PE (whacked it on a metal ring in the pool while swimming) on Tuesday. Kathie had to take her to the doctor and for xrays (luckily nothing broken), so I had to leave work and get Haley to her drum lesson. So now she can’t move it well enoguh to play her saxophone. On Tuesday night she spent 20 minutes trying to convince me that attending band rehearsal in the morning (the second-to-last rehearsal of the year) would be completley pointless. I tried to explain to her that listening, watching the music, and fingering even without an instrument were all different ways to rehearse music. She was absolutely convinced it isn’t, and she would be bored out of her mind. She is sure I’m cruel and ridiculous for waking her up 75 minutes earlier to attend class. Had a nasty altercation yesterday morning getting her out of bed. Not a great way to start a day.

Then Haley lost her Social Studies book. Couldn’t do homework, so borrowed a book from the teacher the next day to finish it and turn it in a day late. Then the teacher insisted on taking back the borrowed book, so she couldn’t do her homework again last night. We’ve torn apart our houses and can’t find it. Guess she’ll have to pay for it, but meanwhile doesn’t he realize she can’t do her homework without a book? Oh, and the school and public libraries don’t have a copy. Sigh.

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Band Upheaval

We learned ove rthe weekend that Doug Miner, the band directory for both Mills High School and the West Bay Community Band, was in a serious motorcycle accident on Saturday the 19th. He will recover, but it will be a slow process as his injuries are relatively serious. The school is finding a substitute to cover the last few days of school and the performance at graduation. The WBCB is looking for another conductor for a while. One of the musicians led the group at Sunday’s performance at San Carlos Hometown Days, which I missed.

Best wishes to Doug – get well!!

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I spent the weekend in San Jose at the Northwest Leather Celebration. It was great to hang out with friends and attend some classes, receptions, and parties.

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Val leaves for a visit

Val left on Friday the 18th to go to Italy to visit Erika and Charles. She was also excited because Tracey, Jason, and Laurie were coming to Italy also! She’ll be back on Sunday the 27th.

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Haley and Kathie go to Disneyland

Haley was part of the Taylor Band who performed at Disneyland and the Heritage Festival in Fullerton over the weekend. Kathie went as a chaperone. They left in the early afternoon on Thursday, May 17th, and returned on Sunday, May 20th at about 11pm. It was really hard getting Haley up for school the next day!

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