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Maybe a new car?

Val and I went to the car show down in San Jose on 1/13 to look at possibilities for her new vehicle. She’s looking for a small hatchback. She’d been looking more for an SUV or crossover, but has lately had a few rental cars that are smaller and really enjoyed them. She wants the hatchback so she can get a Commercial license. I was along to help organize the looking, and make sure I could fit comfortably in the cars.

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Havdalah with the Rabbi

Val and Katelyn (because Haley and I were off at the swim meet) went to a Havdalah celebration at Rabbi Mark’s house (from B’nai Emunah) on 1/12.

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Haley’s First Swim Meet!

Haley swam at a meet at Oceana High School in Pacifica.  She swam 39.81 in the 50 freestyle, and  9:17.03 in the 500 freestyle. To calibrate, the minimum competitive level for the 50 free (level B) is 34.29, and for the 500 free is 7:10.79.  So on the 50 free she’s close to qualifying, but still has a ways to go for the 500. The good news is that often kids get disqualified in early meets because they do something wrong, like not touching the wall or an incorrect turn or stroke, and Haley didn’t, so that’s all good news.

We were there for almost 7 hours!


More pictures here.


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Slowly getting better, possible cause?

I was able to return to work on the 7th, although had to take frequent breaks to put heat on my neck, and continued to take Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen around the clock.  Many visits to the chiropractor.

When this neck problem started I was one week into taking a new medicine for my blood sugar, Nateglinide. I noticed one of the possible side effects was headache, and since I was in so much pain I decided to stop taking for a while. After I started getting better I started taking it again. A week later I had a bit of a relapse. I think there’s a connection. I won’t be taking that medicine again.

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Tough week

I was supposed to go back to work on the 2nd, but simply couldn’t do it because of my neck. I worked a bit, but logged 2 days of sick time over the 3 days.

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New Year!

The best part of the new year was Val coming home in the late afternoon on New Year’s Eve. We spent a quiet evening. Val went off to bed early due to jet lag, and I was drifing off to sleep just at the stroke of midnight.

The next day we went to Liza & Jody’s yearly New Year’s Day party to hang out, reconnect with mutual friends, and eat. Val did a puzzle, and I played the Star Trek version of Settler’s of Catan.

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Another welcome visit

My friend Rio came over on Sunday 12/30 to just hang out for a while, and give me a neck massage that really helped with my pain.

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Christopher’s Birthday Party

Christopher turned 32 on the 30th, and had a faimly get-together on the 29th to celebrate. Kathie and the kids and I went; Kathie drove so I could take care of my still-ailing neck. Pictures here.

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A welcome visit

Liza and Jody came over to play Settlers of Catan on 12/30, a welcome break from my ongoing neck trouble. They’d recently received a Star Trek version of this, and having never played the original, wanted to know how they differed. Very fun!

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