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Transition weekend

Kids leave on vacation with Glynis and Susan tomorrow, and Val arrives home a few hours later.

The vacation itinerary:

  • Leave June 30th
  • Arrive Grand Junction July 1st
  • Stay in Moab, Utah July 1&2
  • Stay in Woordland Park, Co July 3rd
  • Stay in Denver, Co July 4 & 5th
  • Train to Chicago July 6th, arriving July 7th
  • Staying in Chicago July 7 – 12th
  • Leaving Chicago the July 12th, Arriving back home July 14th

Should be a blast!

Val will finally get to see the kids!

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Home from Pride. Riding with Kathie and the girls was, as usual, awesome, as was hanging out at the booths with them and Glynis and Susan. The Exiles and LLW booths where I worked were fun. The weather was perfect! The motorcycle ride to and from was a little chilly in my skirt and lace stockings, and since I hadn’t had the bike on the freeway in a while I was a little nervous, but all went well. The most surreal part was walking the 2 blocks to my bike through wall-to-wall people hanging out at the Rap stage. It seemed to go on forever! Luckily everyone was friendly. I love Pride!


Other pictures here.

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Val’s been gone almost a week

Val left for Tokyo last Saturday, and should be on her way to Seoul soon. One more week until she’s back home. We miss her!

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We went to the store and got ingredients, including a stop at Red Brick Pizza to get some vegan cheese, and made two big trays of vegan tofu veggie lasagne. Homemade sauce, spinach, zucchini, crook neck squash, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. Yum! We used the no-boil lasagne noodles. They were fine except the top layer because we didn’t have enough sauce to get it moist enough so it didn’t cook much. But with the melted vegan cheese and the little bit of cooking it made a nice crunchy side. Even after eating a bunch for dinner there are about 10 additional single servings stored in the freezer.

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Contacts for Katelyn

Katelykn got her first taste of contacts last week, and she likes them enough that we ordered a year’s supply today. She looks different!

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A Week of Planning

Wednesday was a meeting about the Exiles Articles and Policies, and I’ve been organizing the Exiles booth for Pride, planning to work at the LLW booth at Pride, and testing out my motorcycle to make sure it will be OK for the parade.

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Jennifer & Selena

Another delightful visit from Jennifer and Selena on Sunday. We talked, snacked, and had a couple of fun games of Stone Age. Missed Val…

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Peaceful at home

Val left for Japan on Friday, and I dropped the kids at Kathie’s on Sunday. She took them to my mom’s for a few days. The house has been empty. I love my family and miss them, but I am very much enjoying the peace.

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We signed up to get solar panels to help with our electric bill. We’re going with a company called Synergy because they’re roofing contractors who say they won’t have a problem with our metal Cal-Pac roof. They have to do drawing and get permits. The work should be completed in July.

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Back from Palm Springs, tired but happy

It was incredibly hot in Palm Springs, up to 106 on Sunday. But the Desire weekend is an amazing time that I wouldn’t miss for anything… already signed up for next year. I got home early Monday morning and just did nothing but chill out all day, watching TV and napping and drinking lots of water. What a delight!

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