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Mills Spring Concert

A bunch of us attended the Mills Spring Concert last night. The acoustics were terrible because the auditorium is being rebuilt (will be out of commission for up to 18 months!) so the concert was in the cafeteria, which has no acoustic support. But the jazz band and symphone band did great, including Katelyn on saxophone. (pictures here)

Katelyn attended part one of the concert, the orchestra and choir, the night before. While ideally she would go just because she thought it would be fun and interesting, she really went because she has to review 2 concerts each semester, and was using it for one of her two. The other will be my concert with the West Bay Community Band on May 12th.

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GATE Art Event

Haley attended an art event about collages on Tuesday night from 6:30-7:30, put on through GATE, the Gifted and Talented Education program at Taylor.

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Extra band rehearsals for Haley

In preparation for the upcoming band trip to Disneyland, Haley has extra band rehearsals. Normally she rehearses from 7:30-8:15am on Monday and Wednesday. From now until the 17th she also has rehearsal from 7:30-8:15am on Thursday, as well as 6:45-8pm on Monday. Keeping us all busy, and Haley whining about being tired…

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Katelyn at the CMEA Music Festival

On Saturday, April 21, Katelyn participated in the Mills Symphonic Band (and Orchestra too) attending the California Music Education Association’s festival at El Camino High School in South San Francisco. Pictures here.

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Taylor Bingo Night

Haley and Kathie and I went to Bingo Night at Taylor to benefit the band. Raffles, silent auction, and spaghetti dinner too!

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Since vacation…

The week back was difficult because we were all still tired and had laundry to do. We got through the week, and Haley did the Play-a-thon with the Taylor band, raising a bunch of money towards her trip to Disneyland. Thanks to everyone who donated!

On Saturday (4/14) we got our new sofa for the family room. Picture coming soon…

On Tuesday, the kids and I attended the Mills Music Awards Banquet (really a potluck). It was fun to hear various performances, mostly solos. There are some really talented musicians at Mills!

On Thursday, Val, Adrien, and I attended Open House at Taylor. Haley was busy throughout as a “tour guide” in Mr. Ewing’s class. We had a nice time talking to her teachers. We only spent about 20 minutes doing this, but had to hang around for over an hour waiting for Haley to finish. Oh, and she spaced out about the time for arriving for a band performance, and completely missed it. This prompted me to send an email to Mr. McGaw asking for better communication. We’ll see what happens.


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Arizona Vacation Journal!!

Finally finished the vacation journal. Pictures will be coming soon…

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At Lake Powell on Vacation

Family vacation! Just left Slot Canyon (great tour guide, Kim) outside of Page, AZ, now waiting for food at Fiesta Mexicana.


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