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Menttium Dinner

Delicious dinner at 888 Ristorante Italian in San Carlos with my 6 Menttium Alumnae. We started out as mentees together around 12 (?) years ago, and get together for dinner 3-4 times a year. We’ve become friends, and watched our careers, lives, and families grow. I love the history I have with these strong and loving women.

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Bell’s Palsy

So I got a text on Monday morning that Val, who left Sunday for a business trip in Lexington, Kentucky,┬áhad woken up with half of her face paralyzed. Needless to say she was freaked out, and I was too. After many hours and a trip to the ER accompanied by her colleagues Dave (who kept me posted throughout) and Ravi, they determined it was not a stroke or a tumor, but rather Bell’s Palsy. She’s coming back Friday, but has been miserable all week. Big Hugs to her across the miles!

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Friends and Shopping

On Sunday the 19th I had brunch with Stacy, after which we picked up Susan and headed over to the Humanist Hall in Oakland for the yearly large women’s clothing sale to benefit Big Moves. We all got something, but Stacy really made out: two full bags of clothes for $65. AFter that we went over to the WeBeBop outlet and spent some more. A successful shopping day!

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Jay & Timnah’s Wedding

Our dear friends got married at Timnah’s parents’ house in Mill Valley, overlooking the bay, like a slice of heaven. It was fabulous seeing them and all of our other friends who were there, and to share in their joy.

Pictures here.

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Maze Day – middle school registration

Kathie and I spent several hours on Thursday 8/16 staffing the table for the Music program at the middle school. I came back the next day to help our volunteers get started, and have been working ever since to enter all of the data from the forms we collected, and get information to the school about kids whose schedules need to change. Whew!

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Speaking on a Panel, movie screening

I’m here at the DeFrank Center in San Jose to speak on a panel after a screening of the film “Pariah”, at an event called “Growing Tolerance: A Night of Black LGBTQ Visibility”

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Following Judy

Just made a quick stop at Judy’s Blog. I love seeing what she’s doing, and of course her gorgeous photos. I miss her!

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Taylor Maze Day

As the new Music Parent Liaison for the Taylor Band, I’m keeping busy. Including working at “Maze Day”, the registration event at Taylor. It’s this morning and tomorrow morning. Kathie is working with me today, and we have other volunteers for tomorrow, when I’ll have to be there anyway for Haley’s registration.

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Haley Visits Grandma

Haley has spent T-Th this week visiting Grandma Adrien. It’ll be nice to see her this afternoon – I haven’t seen her for many days.

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Katelyn Starts 10th Grade

Katelyn started 10th grade at Mills High School on Tuesday the 14th. So far she likes her classes and teachers, although the 7am band thing continues to be difficult. It’s easier now, though, since her friend Drew, who’s a year behind her in school and lives up the street, is now at Mills; we’re sharing carpooling with Drew’s mom, Lynn. Yay!

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