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Following Judy

Just made a quick stop at Judy’s Blog. I love seeing what she’s doing, and of course her gorgeous photos. I miss her!

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Taylor Maze Day

As the new Music Parent Liaison for the Taylor Band, I’m keeping busy. Including working at “Maze Day”, the registration event at Taylor. It’s this morning and tomorrow morning. Kathie is working with me today, and we have other volunteers for tomorrow, when I’ll have to be there anyway for Haley’s registration.

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Haley Visits Grandma

Haley has spent T-Th this week visiting Grandma Adrien. It’ll be nice to see her this afternoon – I haven’t seen her for many days.

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Katelyn Starts 10th Grade

Katelyn started 10th grade at Mills High School on Tuesday the 14th. So far she likes her classes and teachers, although the 7am band thing continues to be difficult. It’s easier now, though, since her friend Drew, who’s a year behind her in school and lives up the street, is now at Mills; we’re sharing carpooling with Drew’s mom, Lynn. Yay!

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Marilyn – Val – Camping

August 9-12 Val and I went to a completely different kind of camping at Leather Levi Weekend August 9-12. As usual, a life-altering experience.

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Kathie – Kids – Camping

Kathie and Joanie took all 3 girls down to Thousand Trails in Gilroy for a fun few days of camping August 4-7. I gather swimming, bike riding, and games were most of the fun.

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