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We once again attended the joint Purim Party, held at Temple Beth Judea in San Francisco, with a lot of our B’nai Emunah friends. First there was a potluck, then two Megillah readings (one more traditional, one with lots of “shtick”), then Havdalah, then dessert. After that there was a movie for the kids, and the adults danced to Klezmania. It was fabulous!

Pictures here.

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade

On 3/15 I did my usual judging gig in San Francisco for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The kids joined me, with Deejay, and they seemed to enjoy it too. Even though I only judge a few times a year, I really like it.

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Shabbat Dinner at Rabbi Mark’s

After the Play-a-thon in 3/14, Haley and I headed over to Rabbi Mark’s house in Pacifica for dinner, where Val and Jason had arrived earlier. It was crowded, but delicious, and the company was great.

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Adrien’s Birthday

Adrien’s birthday was on 3/7, but she wasn’t feeling up to visit so I took the kids and went down there on 3/8. We had a delightful lunch with her and Jann and Trev. Val was busy so couldn’t attend, but sent birthday wishes. Deejay accompanied us, and did a great job just hanging out quietly under the table.

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Home and Hope

On February 6, the girls and I volunteered for Home and Hope at PTS. This is a program where churches and synagogues host homeless families. They set up tents indoors and feed the families breakfast and dinner for one or two weeks. We made mashed potatoes as part of a dinner, brought it over and served it, and just helped make the families (and especially the kids) feel welcome. It was really good for the kids to experience this, and they said they’d do it again.

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New School Adventure for Katelyn

The staff at Mills didn’t feel safe with Katelyn coming back to Mills at this point, but they presented an alternative. Katelyn will stay in band and jazz band (periods 0 and 1), then get bused to Skyview Therapeutic Day School. This is a high school in San Bruno that’s part of the San Mateo High School District where there are smaller classes and therapists and aides on staff. She will technically still be a Mills student. In fact, if the stays at Skyview she will still get a Mills diploma.

She will need to be there for at least 60 days, after which they’ll evaluate how she’s doing and decide what to do. So we’re not sure how long she’ll be there. The teachers there actually say that some kids decide they prefer it and stay there. ┬áBut we’ll see.

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Katelyn in the hospital again

Katelyn spent January 24-27 in the Adolescent Mental Health unit again. She had a bit of a lapse, but came out of it pretty well.

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Winter Formal

Katelyn went to to the Mills Winter Formal on January 11.

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Katelyn’s Birthday

Katelyn’s birthday celebration lasted two days. On her actual birthday, Friday, December 6, a bunch of us went to Sam’s Diner for dinner then went to see The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum in San Francisco. The next day Katelyn went to the movies with her friends to see Frozen in 3D.

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Mills Winter Concert

On Wednesday, December 4, Katelyn played with the Jazz Band and Symphonic Band in the Mills Winter Concert.

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