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Jennifer & Selena Visit

Jennifer & Selena came to visit on 3/16. We had our usual fun time of visiting and game-playing. We played the new expansion to Stone Age, which my colleague Jason told me about.

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I once again judged the St. Patrick’s Day parade in San Francisco on 3/16. I have no idea why they didn’t have it on the actual day, but a lot of people still attended and it was a good time. It’s fun for me to connect with Jenny and Tami, my fellow judges, whom I see just a couple of times a year but whom I’ve known for almost 30 years of judging together.

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The Play-a-Thon was on Friday, 3/15. I left work early and went to Costco to get fruit and pizza. LOTS of fruit for the kids, and …. 23 pizzas! I filled a flat bed wagon and had help loading it into my car (which smelled pike pizza for a week). I got the kids to unload at the school, and it seemed to be the right number of pizzas. I had to leave early to go to a meeting, but I left things in the capable hands of Kathie and the other volunteers. It was a wildly successful event: we raised over $6,400 for the music program!

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Mills Open House/Jazz Band Performance

On 3/14, Haley and I went to the Mills Open House. I mostly wanted to talk to Katelyn’s English teacher, Ms. Price (a sweet woman, who really loves having Katelyn i her class), and to see Katelyn perform with the Jazz Band. Haley went with me because she wanted to see what Mills was like. Already looking towards high school!

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Visit from Judy!

Judy was in town! We hung out with her in her RV before Joanie’s bday dinner on 3/8, and she came over on 3/9 and hung out with us. We miss her, so it was great to see her. And don’t miss her blog: http://journeyswithjudy.blogspot.com/.

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For Joanie’s birthday we had a fun dinner at Camelot in Pacifica on 3/8. Val didn’t come because she was doing her “cleanse” and wouldn’t have been able to eat anything. Katelyn can’t eat much so she went and got sushi. But we had fun, and it was nice to wish Joanie a happy birthday.

Mom was just back from New York, and had a cold, so didn’t come up. But the kids and I went down to her house on 3/9, took her to lunch, and I helped set up her new computer.

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Play-a-Thon Preparation

I spent a hectic couple of weeks at the beginning of March preparing for the Taylor Play-a-Thon. This is a band fundraiser where the kids play 20 songs and collect either per-song or lump sum donations. I had to prepare all of the information, pledge sheets, and pledge envelopes. I had to copy everything, then had two moms come over and help, and Haley helped too. Plus I had to organize volunteers to help collect money, bring refreshments, serve, and clean up. A busy couple of weeks!

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Holocaust Education

Haley’s class is studying the Holocaust (and will be leading the Yom Hashoah (day of remembrance) service at PTS on 4/12), and there was an associated Parent Education day on 3/3. Helen Farkas, a long-time PTS member and a Holocaust survivor, came and talked about her experiences, and signed copies of her book. It was an emotional talk, but a story we all need to hear.

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Ruth & Tyler – games!

Val and I visited Ruth and Tyler on 3/2 for some adult game time. We just played dominoes, but it was fun having some kid-free time to connect with friends.

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A Break in the Action

Nothing new posted in about 6 weeks. Life has been a bit overwhelming. Hopefully more soon…

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