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This weekend is our Purim weekend. First, Val, Haley and I went to Kabbalat Shabbat services on Friday night at PTS, which had some special Purim moments. Oh, and the Rabbi asked me to read a section of the service, which was unexpected and delightful. Then we all got costumes together to go to a special Purim celebration in San Francisco. It took place at Temple Beth Israel Judea, and was a combined effort of people from that shul, as well as from Congregation New Tamid, Congregation Or Shalom, and Temple B’nai Emunah. We saw George and Linda there, as well as Rabbi Mark and his family and other congregants from B’nei Emunah. There was a potluck a lovely Havdalah service, a totally irreverent Megillah reading, and finally a few funny comedians. Val was a pirate, Katelyn was “Russia” from the Hitalia series, Haley was Cleopatra, and I was a sort of witch-woman (using my gown from Halloween). George and Linda were also in costume, I think as Queen Esther and Mordechai, respectively.  Photos here.

This morning is the Purim celebration at PTS.

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President’s Day Weekend – Full of Activities!!

We all had full and fun activities over the weekend, with the family scattered far and wide.

Haley went with Glynis & Susan to Susan’s yearly family gathering. This time it was at Angel’s Camp, where they had fun playing Chopped and frolicking in the snow.

Katelyn went to Disneyland with the Mills band. She had a great time, until she came down with some kind of nasty stomach bug in the wee hours of Monday morning, just before they came home. At least she got to enjoy the weekend. Kathie went too, as a chaperone.

Val and I stayed home and had a visit from Jane, Val’s birth mother. We did all kinds of fun activities. On Friday, they hung out while I went to the Exiles meeting. On Saturday, Val and I went to the rabbi’s daughter, Ellie’s, Bat Mitzvah at PTS. Then the two of them took off for dim sum in SF and a visit to Muir Woods. I met up with them for a lovely birthday dinner at Revival in Berkeley since Val’s birthday had been on Thursday, and Jane’s was the following Thursday. On Saturday we hit the California Academy of Sciences’ members-only hours, and got to see the Rainforest and Earthquake exhibits before they got too crowded. We saw the penguin feeding, Claude the albino alligator, and lots more. After catching the beautiful views from Twin Peaks, they dropped me at BART so I could head back south and spend some quality time with my friend Rio, while they continuing prowling around SF. Jane left that evening. Val and I had a relaxing Monday, ending with dinner at Piperade in SF with George and Linda, continuing the celebration of Val’s birthday.

Except for Katelyn’s getting sick (which continued most of the week), it was a wonderful time.

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Birthdays and Love

As usual, Val and I got in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, trying to also honor Val’s birthday. She sent me flowers at work, and I sent her some here at home. Hers had two balloons: I Love You and Happy Birthday.

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Katelyn’s Driving Lessons

The first of 3 lessons was 1/22, the secon was 2/12, and the third is scheduled for 3/5. At the second lesson the instructor took her on the freeway. We knew this would happen so I asked her about it. She said yes, they drove on the freeway, and stopped for a popcicle at a fun place. I asked her where it was, and she said San Jose!! I was astounded that the instructor took her that far on the freeway! I guess I’ll have to give it a try with her soon…

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Continuing our tradition, Freda and I had lunch on 2/11. We’ll have to get creative going forward, as she accepted a job at a company in San Francisco. We’ll make it work…

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Taylor Concert Tour

Once again, Haley participated in the Taylor Concert Tour on 2/8. This is where the middle school music groups go to each of the 4 elementary schools in the district and do a mini-concert to encourage the kids to participate in music. The musicians get a day off school, and get to have lunch at the food court at the Tanforan Mall. They had a great time! Being the parent liaison for the band, I got to wrangle volunteers to chaperone, help cart things around, and monitor the kids at the mall.

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Second Swim Meet for Haley

Despite having an ongoing cough, Haley swam in her second swim meet on 2/9. This was the “home” swim meet, at the Burlingame Aquatic Club (Burlingame HS). It was our first outdoor meet, and given that we were there just after 7am it was FREEZING! It was 39 degrees when we got in the car and a toasty 42 degrees when we arrived. We were cold even when we left just before noon.

Haley had a nasty cough left over from a cold so was ambivalent about swimming at all, but she was a champ, swimming both of the events she’d signed up for. The 200 yd breast stroke was her first in a meet. She didn’t get disqualified for form or any other reason (as kids often do their first time swimming a stroke in a meet, especially the breast stroke), and got a decent time. Her second event was the 50yd freestyle. She was pretty exhausted by then, but did it anyway. Her time of 45.36 seconds was about 4 seconds more than her previous time of 39.89, but we were all just happy she did the race at all given how she felt.

Pictures here.

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More Travel for Val

Not as exotic as Europe: Val visited Lexington, Kentucky again for business, from 2/4-2/8. The last time she was there was when she had that attack of Bell’s Palsey, so they were all glad to see her there, healthy.

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Haley in LA

Haley went to Los Angeles with other 7th graders from PTS, hosted by families from Temple Isaiah. They went to services, visited museums, had Havdalah on the Santa Monica beach, and visited Universal Studios. She had an awesome time! The only hard part was pickup from the airport afterwards. Their plane landed at 3:30 PST on Sunday, 2/3. Does that time sound familiar, especially to football fans? Yes, we had to pick her up at the airport at the exact moment the Superbowl was starting! I picked up and Kathie met us halfway to her house, so we each shared some pain of being away from the game. Folks at my house just put it on pause and waited for me, so I didn’t miss any of it. Too bad we didn’t win. 🙁

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Jews in Shanghai

Val has been frequenting Congregation B’Nei Emunah in San Francisco, and our family has joined the congregation. The history of the shul is that a bunch of German Jews fled the Nazis in WW2 by going to Shanghai, and then they came to the US after that. Val and I saw a film on this history on 2/2, and she saw the second installment on 2/10. Fascinating history!

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