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We once again attended the joint Purim Party, held at Temple Beth Judea in San Francisco, with a lot of our B’nai Emunah friends. First there was a potluck, then two Megillah readings (one more traditional, one with lots of “shtick”), then Havdalah, then dessert. After that there was a movie for the kids, and the adults danced to Klezmania. It was fabulous!

Pictures here.

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Shabbat Dinner at Rabbi Mark’s

After the Play-a-thon in 3/14, Haley and I headed over to Rabbi Mark’s house in Pacifica for dinner, where Val and Jason had arrived earlier. It was crowded, but delicious, and the company was great.

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Visit with Linda

On 3/9 Val and I got to visit with Linda. Val helped her with her computer while I was moderating the panel, and then we met up at a great Thai restaurant.

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Adrien’s Birthday

Adrien’s birthday was on 3/7, but she wasn’t feeling up to visit so I took the kids and went down there on 3/8. We had a delightful lunch with her and Jann and Trev. Val was busy so couldn’t attend, but sent birthday wishes. Deejay accompanied us, and did a great job just hanging out quietly under the table.

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Travel was great!

After the storm in Exton it was clear sailing to NY. I spent a lovely afternoon with Bill & Marlene Wertheim, and the weekend with my cousins Lori & Mark. I had two dinners at Aunt Joanie’s, visiting lots of relatives, and a lovely brunch with my cousin Tina. Got home basically on time on Sunday the 16th.

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Linda visited us on January 30, meeting Deejay and staying for dinner. We’re glad she came because she’d been sick, but was well enough to come over. Yay!

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Busy Day, Busy Weekend!

Saturday, January 21 was a crazy busy day. While Val was at services at BE, the electrician came over to do some wiring in the garage, Katelyn and Deejay had a training session with Meagan, I took the kids to Glynis & Susan’s poker party, and we ended the day having dinner with our friends Deborah and Nancy at Kabul. What a great day!

The following day Jennifer and Selena came over for a visit. A great end to a great weekend.

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Taylor’s Visit

My cousin Bruce’s youngest daughter Taylor visited us December 26-30. We had a great time, wining and dining her and showing her around SF.

Pictures here:



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George’s Passing

On Saturday, December 7, Linda called us to say George was in the hospital. We went to see him. He was stable, so we went to the ACLC event. Just after we got home, Linda called and said we should come. Shortly after midnight on the 8th, just before we got there, George died.

We spent Sunday with Linda, and went back on Monday. The funeral was on Tuesday, and Shiva Minyans on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Katelyn’s Birthday

Katelyn’s birthday celebration lasted two days. On her actual birthday, Friday, December 6, a bunch of us went to Sam’s Diner for dinner then went to see The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum in San Francisco. The next day Katelyn went to the movies with her friends to see Frozen in 3D.

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