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Katelyn got her driving permit!

Katelyn passed her permit test on the first try on 12/28! We got there a few minutes before her 2:00 appointment, and were told she needed her certificate of completion for her drivers ed class (duh, of course) and identification, like  a birth certificate or passport. OOPS! Luckily the woman at the desk gave us a grace period so we rushed home (something wrong about speeding to get to a drivers permit test) and got those things and got back at 2:20. We only had to wait about 15 minutes before being called to the window, then a bit of time waiting for picture-taking and thumb-printing, then Katelyn went off to take her test. It took about 20 minutes. She missed 4; she could have missed up to 8 and still passed so that was great.

First we stopped for a gas-pumping lesson, then we went over to Skyline college, to the empty parking lots, for her first lesson. She did great, driving around, practicing stopping, accelerating, turning, signaling, and even parking. We left (with me driving), picked up Haley, and went out for celebratory sushi.




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Kung Pao Kosher Comedy

As I’ve done in past years, I’d made plans to see Kung Pao Kosher Comedy: Jewish comedy on Christmas. I had cancelled everything else because of my neck but was determined to go. Michelle, Barry, and Stacy met me here, and Michelle drove my car. We met Rio there. Everyone was very solicitous and took great care of me, so I was able to go and have a great time. It was hilarious! And the company was awesome. Pictures here.

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The kids were here on Christmas Eve – we just ordered in Chinese and watched movies. On Christmas morning I usually go to Kathie’s. She was sweet and brough the kids’ gifts over so we could open them here and I wouldn’t have to travel. Pictures here.

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Neck Trouble

On the 20th I started having some pain in my neck. By the afternoon of the 21st it was excruciating. The kids went to Glynis & Susan’s, Glynis drove me to SF to drop off some things for an Exiles program I was unable to attend, and then took me to the ER. They diagnosed a neck strain. I had to cancel all kinds of plans over the weekend (including a concert and a social engagement) and ended up in the ER again on Monday. A CT scan showed nothing, which is good because it ruled out something really nasty, but bad because, well, nobody knew what was wrong! I’ve been taking pain meds and resting all week. I cancelled just about all of my plans, and just vegged out. It’s a little better now, but still pretty painful.


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Lunch and Finances

On Monday the 17th I had a lovely lunch with Freda, and after work I had a financial “check-up” with Kathie Muhler. Oh, and worked in the middle of all that. 🙂

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Val – traveling again

On Sunday Decemer 16th Val left for Europe. She had planned on going to see Erika and Charles, but when they found out at work they asked her to add on days to work. So she spent a few days in Hamburg and a couple in London, working, before heading to Giove. She will stay a week or so, then back to London to see Tracy and Jason and Laurie, and then back home on New Year’s Eve.

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Jewish Ethics and Driving

On Sunday December 16th I accompanied Katelyn to religious school because there was a special class involving parents around ethics and driving. It sounds funny, but it was actually good, talking about responsibility and the value of life and of kindness and patience.

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Haley to Ari’s birthday party

We got home from Linda’s Bat Mitzvah in enough time to light candles for the last night of Chanukah, and get Haley off to a sleepover for Ari’s birthday party.

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Linda’s Bat Mitzvah

On Saturday the 15th the whole family, plus our friend Karen, went to B’nai Emunah for Linda’s Bat Mitzvah, along with 6 other members of her adult B’nai Mitzvah class. She did a great job, and we had fun meeting new people, including George’s brother and his wife, and Linda’s nephew David. We enjoyed Kiddush lunch at the temple, and went back to their house afterwards.

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Triton Holiday Party

Val and I once again attended the Triton Holiday Party, which was once again at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco. We were the best-dressed couple there, with Val in a tux and me in a fancy party dress. One of the more memorable moments was us dancing “Gangnam Style”, captured by Deanna and posted on Facebook within minutes. Val did karaoke, and we danced and had a great time. Other pictures here.

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