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Media Cabinet, Part II

So as much as Val tried hard to make it work, the sheer volume of cables made it so the slide-out shelf couldn’t slide all the way in. So last night Irene came over and spent several hours working with Val, taking out all of the shelves and carving additional holes, and assisting in Advanced Cable Management. Still not enough room! So she’ll be back in a few days to do more Shelf Surgery.

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Katelyn visits Grandma

Katelyn had a fun trip to Grandma’s last Sunday through Wednesday. She took CalTrain by herself down to San Jose and back, whcih was a first. They saw a movie, did a little shopping, and hung out.

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Media Cabinet!

Our new media cabinet, the last of the cabinetry and the last of the major home improvements, got installed on Saturday the 21st. Irene Pepping, the fabulously talented cabinet maker, supervised Cutberto and Mario doing the installation, and Val was in charge of taking apart the A/V components. I returned from my concert at around 2:30, just as the installation was finished, and Val was starting to reconnect everything.

Fast forward to 11:30pm. After 9 additional hours, 1 trip to Orchard Supply, a couple of arguments, and a slot of sweat and aggravation, we were able to watch TV. Val has been amazingly diligent in getting everything configured (changed some components, added our new blu-ray player and organized (horrible mess of cables). It’s still not all done, but excellent progress has been made. The most fun thing is the blu-ray player’s access to the internet.

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Band Concert – it was hot!

I played tuba with the West Bay Community Band at the Relay for Life in Cupertino on Saturday. After two hours in 97 degree heat I was ready to get in the car and have the A/C on full blast! It was a fun concert, for a good cause. Picture here.

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Sad News

We found out on Monday that the day before, Margaret Pometta, Val’s boss at a previous job with whom we’ve kept in touch, died suddenly of cardiac arrest during the swimming portion of a triathlon on Sunday. Time was arranged for family visiting on Thursday. Since Val was out of town, Katelyn and I attended. Very sad.

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Haley off to Camp!

Haley left for 12 days at Camp Newman on Wednesday th 18th. It was a quick turnaround after the last trip, but the kids are getting really good at packing these days. Katelyn couldn’t attend this year because even though we signed up for camp in March, her session was already full! She ended up first on the waiting list, but nobody canceled at the last minute so she’s stuck being at home with us.

Camp pictures here.

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Jennifer & Selena visit

Jennifer & Selena visited on Sunday the 15th. It’s great having regular visits with them, and this one was no exception. We had a great time playing the new Mega Europe version of Ticket to Ride, and of course catching up on each others’ lives.

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The kids are back

The kids arrived home from their Chicago+ trip on Saturday the 14th around dinner time.

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George’s 75th Birthday – visit to another synagogue

Val and I attended services at Congregation B’nai Emunah in San Francisco this morning, in honor of George Wertheim’s 75th birthday, which is tomorrow. The service was a bit different than what we’re used to, being more in Hebrew and using different melodies for some of the songs, but was delightful nonetheless. The congregation was very friendly and welcoming, and they even invited us, as newcomers, to do an Aliyah!

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Shots in my back

Got cortizone injections in to the bottom 2 facet joints in my back yesterday afternoon. Damage there is from a 25-year-old injury (fell on my tailbone while roller skating) and getting bad/no treatment (take pain pill and lose weight… great advice, eh?). Now the disks are compressed and the bones are developing arthritis.

Am already feeling some relief from the shots.

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