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9th Grade Orientation/Open House

Haley got a good introduction to Mills, and then wandered around campus with her friends (or, as Jason calls them, the “nerd herd”) for a while at Open House on 3/13.

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Taylor Play-a-thon

Once again the Taylor music program had our yearly Play-a-thon fundraiser on 3/14, which I organized. Everything from putting together the donation packets (all of the forms, and assembling them all with some help from Haley and some of the other parents), delegating the food, helping the Treasurer organize her work, and coordinating all of the money. Oh, and putting together an online donation site for the first time. We raised over $10,000, about 1/3 more than last year. About 25% of the donations came from the online site, which was great.

Pictures (just a few) here.

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Taylor Concert Tour

On Friday, February 7, the Taylor Band did their yearly Concert Tour. They go around to each of the elementary schools and play a mini-concert, encouraging the younger kids to do music. Haley played percussion, and I coordinated the parent volunteers.

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New School Adventure for Katelyn

The staff at Mills didn’t feel safe with Katelyn coming back to Mills at this point, but they presented an alternative. Katelyn will stay in band and jazz band (periods 0 and 1), then get bused to Skyview Therapeutic Day School. This is a high school in San Bruno that’s part of the San Mateo High School District where there are smaller classes and therapists and aides on staff. She will technically still be a Mills student. In fact, if the stays at Skyview she will still get a Mills diploma.

She will need to be there for at least 60 days, after which they’ll evaluate how she’s doing and decide what to do. So we’re not sure how long she’ll be there. The teachers there actually say that some kids decide they prefer it and stay there.  But we’ll see.

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Winter Formal

Katelyn went to to the Mills Winter Formal on January 11.

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Mills Winter Concert

On Wednesday, December 4, Katelyn played with the Jazz Band and Symphonic Band in the Mills Winter Concert.

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Jazz Festival

On Friday, November 22, Katelyn and the Mills Jazz Band attended the CSM Jazz Festival.

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What happened to Marilyn?

Here it is, October, almost November, and no posts since May!! Life just got away from me, so I guess I’ll just have to give a big recap of what’s happened since, roughly in chronological order.

  • We had a lovely Mother’s Day brunch at Max’s.
  • Val went to visit Erika and Charles in Italy May 14-27.
  • I attended the Northwest Leather Celebration in San Jose May 15-17.
  • Haley performed in the Taylor Spring Concert on 5/22.
  • I attended the Professional Business Women of California conference on 5/23.
  • Katelyn passed all of her classes (some just barely), which is great considering what a difficult semester it was for her.
  • Val & Katelyn went hat shopping together on 6/1.
  • I had lunch with Freda on 6/2, and went to the gym and had lunch on 6/23 and 8/18. we tried again in early October but Freda got a flat tire on her bike so after having it towed we just had lunch.
  • I went to the Desire event in Palm Springs 6/7 – 6/9.
  • I had dinner with my Menttium group on 6/12 and again on 10/17.
  • Val represented the Exiles at the Queer Women of Color Media Access Project (QWOCMAP) film festival on 6/14.
  • I took the girls to the 1st ever San Mateo County LGBT Pride Festival on 6/15 (pictures here), while Val went to shul to see her friend Karen read Torah for the first time.
  • Haley participated in a swim meeting on 6/23.
  • Haley attended a class on “3D Art, Modeling & Animation for Game Design” 6/24-6/28 at Stanford, through the Digital Media Academy.
  • Val & I visited with Jennifer & Selena regularly, on 6/16, 8/17, 9/2, and 10/13.
  • Katelyn graduated from the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) on 6/19.
  • Katelyn spent a week in New York with relatives 6/20-6/26. Pictures here.
  • Katelyn attended a hat-making class on 6/27 & 6/28. She loved it!
  • Val & I attended the SF Pride celebration 6/30. It was particularly crowded an exuberant because the courts had just OK’d gay marriage. SF City Hall was open and performing weddings, even though it was a Sunday.
  • Val & I didn’t see much of each other in July. She traveled the first few weeks, came back, and a day later I left for 2 weeks. I went to Ireland and England.
  • July 4th was a busy day. I started playing with the Half Moon Bay Site-Down Marching Band, then I took the girls to George & Linda’s for a picnic, and then to Glynis & Susan’s for fireworks.
  • Katelyn got her braces off on July 8th.
  • Haley went to Camp Newman July 17-31.
  • I played with the West Bay Community Band at a concert in Redwood City on 7/21.
  • Val & I attended Leather Levi Weekend 8/7-8/11.
  • Val traveled again, this time to Tokyo and Seoul, 8/18-8/20. She’s hoping to make 100K this year!
  • I did a quick trip to the central valley with my friend Rio, first teaching a class and attending a formal dance in Fresno on 8/24, then attending an off-season Passover with my friend Marcus and his lovely family on August 25th in Bakersfield.
  • Val & I lent our house as the host location for our friend Rio’s 60th birthday party on 9/1.
  • Val completed her formal conversion to Judaism on Monday, 9/30 at the Mikvah in San Francisc0. This was followed by a conversion service on 9/27 which was attended by friends and lots of family, and was really moving and beautiful. Just on time, so Val could read Torah the next day at Haley’s Bat Mitzvah service.
  • Haley’s 13th birthday on 9/25 was a bit overshadowed by Bat Mitzvah events and the Simchat Torah holiday, but we were able to do a little celebrating.
  • Haley and I continued participating in the Legacy Girls Study, which involves surveys and visits every 6 months, and blood and urine samples periodically.
  • Haley, with me usually accompanying, attended a number of her friends’ B’nai Mitzvot.
  • Haley worked all summer on the Mitzvah Garden at Peninsula Temple Sholom, weeding, watering, and harvesting so we could deliver fresh veggies to the food pantry at Call Primrose in Burlingame.
  • Val continued to attend most of the Saturday morning services at B’nei Emunah.
  • My company released InsuranceSuite 8 after over 2 years of working on it. and we celebrated with a day of reflection and fun, and a trip to the Exploratorium in the evening on 10/15.
  • Katelyn took the PSAT on 10/19.
  • Jann & Trev came for a visit on 10/19. We decided they need to come earlier next time so we can get a game in.
  • Kathie’s 63rd birthday was on 10/22. Joanie invited us over for a fish fry, cake, and fun.
  • Val, Haley & I attended the Synaplex Shabbat service on 10/25, whose theme was social action and social justice.
  • My friend Lynne Angeloro visited on 10/16. It was nice to see her after many years!
  • We carved pumpkins on 10/26.

And of course, the major event of the last month was Haley’s Bat Mitzvah on 9/28.

I will try my best to keep up with our events, so as not to cram everything in one message again. Thanks for understanding!

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Mills Spring Concert

Katelyn played in the Jazz Band and Concert Band in the Mills Spring Concert on 5/1. Pictures here.

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The Play-a-Thon was on Friday, 3/15. I left work early and went to Costco to get fruit and pizza. LOTS of fruit for the kids, and …. 23 pizzas! I filled a flat bed wagon and had help loading it into my car (which smelled pike pizza for a week). I got the kids to unload at the school, and it seemed to be the right number of pizzas. I had to leave early to go to a meeting, but I left things in the capable hands of Kathie and the other volunteers. It was a wildly successful event: we raised over $6,400 for the music program!

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