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Visit with Stacy

I had a wonderful brunch at Lily’s Creperie with Stacy on Saturday the 27th. Neither of us had eaten crepes there, although I’d seen it on one of our frequent visits to the nearby Rainbow Pizza. I’d had sorbet from there once, and it was good. Anyway, the food turned out to be tasty, and Stacy and I had a really nice visit. Stacy is one of those people that I can not see for a while, and when we get together we just talk and talk and really click. I remember the first time we sat and talked, right after we met when I hired her to help me with two Passover Seders in 2001. I needed assistance because I’d just had knee surgery, not to mention I had two young children amd did two Seders in two days. (What was I thinking?) After the first Seder she and I sat on my deck and talked for hours. It’s great to have friends like that.

October 29, 2012 - Posted by | general, Marilyn

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