Hollinger-Langmuir Family News

Vegetable Family Evening

Diner was fun tonight. Early in the afternoon (OK, right after she woke up), Katelyn said “Can we make a big pot of vegetable soup? And a big salad to eat while we’re waiting for the soup to cook?” How can you say no to that? So we made a trip to the store and loaded up on good stuff, everyone chopped and advised and stirred and seasoned, and we had a fabulous dinner while watching “Spirited Away“. What a wonderful family evening!

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A Shot in the Thumb?

That’s right. On 9/5 I visited the doctor who’s been treating my broken/dislocated thumb from my fall in February. It’s been “clicking” and really sore. Turns out I have a “Trigger Thumb“, so I ended up getting a steroid injection n the base of my thumb.

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Jennifer & Selena + Marilyn & Val = Games & Fun

Jennifer & Selena came over on 9/1 for an evening of games and relaxation. Always a fun time!

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Dinner with Out-of-town Family

On 8/31 I went to San Francisco and had dinner at Max’s Opera Cafe with Susan, Joel, Joe, and Kathy. Joe and Kathy were taking a break from their busy life in Manhattan to go to a wedding in Napa. It was a quick visit, only a couple of hours, but nice to see everyone. The kids couldn’t go because they were at Glynis & Susan’s, and Val wasn’t up to going out yet.

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Solar Panels

Got our 10 solar panels on 8/29. It was exciting because quite a number of companies had told us they wouldn’t install on our metal Cal-Pac roof. These guys did it with no problems at all. Final inspection is Monday, after which they’ll actually turn on the panels.


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First we had Comcast over on 8/26 to repair a bunch of channels not working, then on 9/1 we got the “triple play”, switching my phone service over to Comcast. So far so good. While they may not be the best in everything, their customer service has been great. Service calls on Saturdays and Sundays, arriving within their 2-hour window, and super courteous repair people.

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Haley at work

After accompanying me on an early morning trip to the dentist, Haley went to work with me on 8/24. We stayed until just after lunch, and I worked the resst of the day at home. Haley really liked my workplace. I told her she could work in a place like that if she got her degree in 3-D animation, which she wants to do. It’s been great, telling her that the best school for that is MIT’s Media Lab, and she needs all A’s to get in. Good brainwashing! 🙂

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