Hollinger-Langmuir Family News

Lunch with Francesca

Had a nice dim sum lunch at ABC Seafood in Foster City with Francesca. She invited a surprise guest, Barbara Yee, with whom Francesca and I worked at Xerox many years ago. It was great to catch up.

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Art Class for Katelyn

Katelyn and I went to Michael’s last week to buy Copic Markers, fancy artists’ markers. While there we met Barbara Golden, an artist who lives in Foster City and offers classes on how to use the markers. Katelyn attended one of her classes on Tuesday 7/31.

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Company Picnic

I picked Haley up from the camp bus and we headed over to Menlo College for the Guidewire Company Picnic. It was great fun with good food, a petting zoo complete with fuzzy chickens, goats, deer, and bunnies, face painting (although the girls got their arms painted), carnival games, a bouncy house (the girls were too old, though), and lots of nice people. It was quite a contrast to last year when I knew almost nobody because I’d just started at the company. This year I knew lots of people and had a great time introducing Val and the kids to everyone.

Pictures here.

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Last week I dropped my tuba off at Manor Music because, well, it’s just a rental and it has to be returned each summer for cleaning. I’ve been considering buying a tuba so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to rent for another year, but then I checked out the prices. Turns out it’s not unusual to pay $3000-$8000 for a tuba! So I figure I’ll keep renting, especially since they pay for repairs and yearly cleaning. Last Saturday I got one almost identical to the other one, only in better shape.

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Updated A/V

We decided to get a new remote because the olod one didn’t have intuitive programming, and with our new setup we really needed something different. Additionally, we needed a bit of help with the setup. So Val got someone to come in and take care of it all, so it works better now. We’re still getting used to the new remote.

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Media Cabinet Part III

Irene came back on Thursday and she and Val got everything all in the cabinet and the doors on. It looks great!

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